NAME is a small German IRC network.


You can access the network using an IRC client (e.g. XChat, mIRC, BitchX, irk, irssi, telnet ;) or what ever you would like to use). The address you need to access it is:
The port for standard connections is 6667, SSL users please connect to port 6660.
Another possibility is to use a Java(tm) applet. You can find such an applet at the following URL: This does NOT work if you are behind an restrictive firewall or a proxy that does not tunnel the TCP/IP port 6667.

DESCRIPTION is a small German IRC network. It consists of the following servers:

zeppelin is hosted by Vollmar, gagarin lives at Greatnet
The IRCops on this network are: arnd, christoph, dirk, robert and tobi. For contact adresses see AUTHORS below.


The biggest communities are:

Some useful channels:


Currently there are no bugs known to us (which does not mean that there are none).

VERSION is running UnrealIRCd version is running UnrealIRCd version
The services are: ircservices version 5.1.13


The name "epd-me" has origin in the German word "Epidemie" which is pronounced the same way and means "epidemic" in English. The exact history of this pun can't be reconstucted, but it originates from Buggi (aka hypo).

Former servers of this network include:



Christoph Kummer: christoph at epd-me dot net
Dirk Schalge: dirk at epd-me dot net
Tobias Reineke: tobi at g3th dot net
Robert Kirberich: robert at kirberich dot de
Arnd Behring: arnd at g3th dot net